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          KLAS Leader 2019

          Remote Patient Monitoring
          The New Age of RPM


          KLAS Leader 2019

          Remote Patient Monitoring
          The New Age of RPM

          Creating the New Standard of Care

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          The New Standard of Care

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          Reinventing Remote Patient Monitoring

          Reduce Readmissions

          Our remote care platform is clinically proven to help reduce hospital readmissions.

          Optimize Clinical Workflow

          Clinicians can visualize patients at high risk for readmission alongside those on track with their recovery plan.

          Increase Patient Engagement

          We engage patients with disease-specific software to help them change their behavior and manage their chronic disease.

          Avoid Unnecessary ED Visits

          Providers receive high-risk alerts and intervene accordingly to avoid ED visits.

          What Our Clients Are Saying


          How it Works

          Advanced Connectivity

          HRS tablets are able to connect to over 600+ carriers and to the WiFi network.

          Engaging Compliance

          Patients use tablets and mobile applications to comply with their customized treatment plan.

          Data Tracking

          Data input to track activity, diet, weight & medication available for clinician & caregiver review.

          Educational Modules

          Patients have access to teach-back quizzes and 2,000+ education videos covering multiple topics and conditions.

          Video Chat

          Virtual visits with video-conferencing are available on the tablet and the mobile applications.

          Critical Alerts

          Caregivers & clinicians receive alerts to intervene if patient is at increased risk for readmission.

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