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          Comprehensive Telehealth Solutions for Every Patient


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          PatientConnect Complete

          Monitor your highest risk patients with HRS' all-encompassing remote patient monitoring solution.

          PatientConnect Mobile

          Expand access to care across all patients populations with HRS' Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) offering.

          PatientConnect Core

          Provide educational materials, communicate with patients, and manage medications with HRS' tablet only offering.

          PatientConnect Voice

          Deliver automated calling to increase patient engagement and adherence post hospital discharge.

          PatientConnectTM Complete

          Monitor your high-risk patients with PatientConnectTM Complete, HRS' tablet and advanced biometric device offering. Respond to alerts when patients are at risk for readmission and communicate with patients in real-time through video, phone, and text chat. Improve patient engagement with condition-specific education, symptom surveys, medication reminders, and more.

          Devices + Peripherals + Eko Duo

          PatientConnectTM Mobile

          PatientConnectTM Mobile empowers patients to remain active in their health with condition-specific education, symptom surveys, and provider communication tools. Utilize PatientConnectTM Mobile across all patient populations to increase access and maintain connection between patient, provider, and caregiver.

          • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution 
          • Available on Android & iOS 
          PC Mobile Group 1-2-4

          PatientConnectTM Core

          Provide educational materials, communicate with patients, and manage medications with HRS' tablet-only offering. For palliative, hospice, behavioral health patients, and more, PatientConnectTM  Core delivers an on-demand connection between the patient and provider. 

          TabE 1

          PatientConnectTM Voice

          PatientConnectTM Voice offers interactive voice response (IVR) calling directly to your patient's phone. Increase patient engagement and improve adherence with custom reminders and symptom questions through automated calling.

          PC Voice 1


          HRS' clinician portal enables providers to monitor, triage, and care for their patients in real time directly from their office, clinic, or while on-the-go. Supporting operational workflow, ClinicianConnectTM features robust EMR integrations, seamless communication between the patient and provider, and customizable care plans and risk triaging. 

          • One-stop-shop for monitoring patients on all HRS solutions: PatientConnectTMComplete, PatientConnectTMCore, PatientConnectTMMobile and PatientConnectTMVoice
          CC Group 3


          Incorporating the informal caregiver in the continuum of care, CaregiverConnectTM provides a holistic solution to managed care. Promoting peace of mind, CaregiverConnectTM keeps family members and friends updated on care plan adherence while also offering communication tools directly from the app.

          • Available on Android and iOS
          CaregiverConnect Mobile 1-2


          A cost-effective care delivery solution designed to ship HRS telehealth equipment directly to and from patients as quickly and efficiently as possible.

          Our patient-centered logistics program offers a variety of services, including:

          • Online order processing via www.shiphrs.com
          • Complete storage & inventory management 
          • Maintenance & sanitization of telehealth equipment
          • Shipping & tracking services directly to/from patients
          tabbox for PD


          In partnership with a leading RN-led clinical engagement company, CareConnectTM offers telehealth and remote patient monitoring through a 24/7 remote clinical support team. Grow existing programs and increase bandwidth with this service. 

          • Care coordination, health assessments, and remote monitoring
          • RN-led contact center team

          EMR Integrations & Interopability

          A bi-directional integration between an organization's EMR and the HRS platform optimizes provider workflow, avoids redundancy, quickens the intake process, and improves continuity of care. 

          • 15+ EMR integrations including Epic, Cerner, Homecare Homebase, Brightree, Allscripts, Netsmart & many more
          • Bi-directional HL7 interface & FHIR capabilities that enable:
            • Automatic patient enrollment into HRS PatientConnect directly from EMR
            • Seamless and continuous push of HRS generated patient data from ClinicanConnect to EMR
            • Automatic capture of clinical documentation from Clinician Connect to EMR
            • Patient discharge and telehealth deactivation directly from EMR
          EMR Integration10

          Customized Treatment Plans

          The HRS Solution is designed to fit the unique needs of each clinician and patient.
          • 70 disease modules
          • 25 language translations
          • 2,000+ condition specific educational videos
          • Teach-back quizzes
          • Integrated medication management
          • Customized symptom surveys
          • Text-to-speech capabilities
          • Wound imaging

          Data Analytics & Reporting

          Reporting that supports clinical teams with reimbursement, adherence tracking, & more.
          • Reporting built for billing & reimbursement
          • Predictive risk modeling to allow for risk triaging and assessment
          • Business intelligence dashboard
          • Population & patient symptom survey reports
          • Engagement reports for quizzes and video education
          • Tablet engagement report
          • Total clinician time and individual clinician time spent reviewing patient information