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          Who We Help

          Helping providers across the care continuum
          deliver remote patient monitoring and telehealth

          Hospital icon

          Hospitals + Health Systems

          Deliver telehealth to patients across the care continuum regardless of acuity.

          HRS' PatientConnect suite empowers hospitals and health systems to deliver care to patients across their entire network, improving patient satisfaction, reducing readmission, and optimizing nursing workflow.

          Much of [our] success is due to the personal relationships we build with our patients as well as the great technology with the telemonitors. We call each patient at least weekly and involve them in setting goals for themselves. It is wonderful to see the growth and independence develop as we come alongside them.

          - Lisa Hogan, Chronic Care Management Team Leader at Frederick Health

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          Home Health icon

          Home Health Agencies

          Empower patients to age-in-place and provide peace of mind to patients and their caregivers.

          HRS' PatientConnect suite empowers home health providers to care for their high-risk patients at home, avoiding hospital readmission and improving patient outcomes.

          • Monitor patients and intervene accordingly as risk arises
          • Provide condition-specific education to patients directly & monitor education engagement
          • Perform virtual visits between home visits to ensure patients are following their care plan

          What we are doing is true population health. By addressing health literacy and engaging our patients in self-care,
          we have gone far beyond the realm of telehealth.

          - Donna Deblois, CEO MaineHealth at Home

          Pallative Care icon

          Hospice + Palliative Care

          Provide end of life care to patients in the comfort of their own home.

          HRS' PatientConnect suite empowers hospice and palliative providers to offer an extra layer of care to their patients.

          • Utilize virtual visits to manage symptoms and assist in providing recommendations
            for the patients' care plan
          • Monitor patients pain through symptom surveys
          • Support the patients' caregiver in ensuring the patient is comfortable
          Who We Help graphic 1 left-b

          Advanced technology helps us care for complex patients in the comfort of their own homes, surrounded by friends and family. Telehealth is a great tool to help us stay in touch, react quickly to changes, and offer comfort to our patients and families.

          - Bernadette Ward, Vice President Clinical Operations at NVNA and Hospice

          Physicians icon-2

          Physician + Group Practices

          Expand the care setting of your offices, reaching your patients directly in their homes.

          HRS' PatientConnect suite empowers physician and group practices to drive higher practice performance by providing virtual visits and monitoring patients in real time.

          • Expand capacity of physician staff and clinical resources
          • Monitor patients between visits
          • Engage patients in their own disease management with condition specific education
          HRS doctor remote2

          F o r   E v e r y   P a t i e n t

          Telehealth Solutions

          Request a Custom Demo


          Explore Telehealth Solutions with a Customized Demo

          • Clinical and operational efficiencies and outcomes as a
            result of the HRS solution
          • HRS product workflows and patient experience
          • Reporting and capabilities for data analysis
          • Partner results and best practices